Wednesday, August 8, 2012

4 Interview Questions That Will Point You to the Employee of Your Dreams

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Hiring employees is vital to any business. Whether business ventures are just starting out or expanding, having the right people for the job can spell a big difference for the future of the company.

Human resource books provide a lot of information on finding, hiring and even firing employees. But to make the process a lot easier for you, we’ve listed down the 4 questions you’d need in order to know if you’re interviewing a keeper.

What do you know about the company?
            This question will tell you if the applicant did his or her assignment before coming in for the interview. Answers to this can also say a lot of things about the prospective employee. Those who bothered to research on your company are most likely more serious than those who didn’t. Taking the time to perform a background check on an employer can also mean that you have a smart and a professional individual.

What do you know about the position you are applying for?
            Depending on the needs of a certain position, you as an employer or a human resource personnel would prefer applicants with experience over those who have none. Having a certain level of know-how is best for technical positions that require certain skills. This can greatly cut training time. For entry level jobs, possession of a general set of attitudes or skills may be better for the position.

What did you like most about your previous job?
            Asking this would give you a better picture of the desired working conditions of the applicant. This would be of great help for you to know if he would be able to fit and thrive within your organization.

Why did you leave your last job?
            A simple question such as this can reveal much of one’s personality. Does the applicant go on a ranting spree? Is he exposing the “ugly” side of his or her previous employer? If he’s doing this, then chances are he can do this to you as well so beware.

Hiring employees can be an exciting time for a company. Though much could be celebrated when the one is found, it is never easy to get to that point. Many applicants will be interviewed but only the most appropriate one will be chosen.

Don’t forget to include these questions the next time you conduct an interview to score the goal right away.

Want to know more about your prospective employee?

We’ll give you another round of effective interview questions so visit us again soon. 

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