Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Closing the Gap: Be 4 Steps Away From That Star Employee

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Here are four more interview questions to quench your thirst from the last post. Using these will help you sail that hiring ship like the real business captain that you are.

Where was your career 5 years ago?
This question makes a quality applicant shine even brighter. Just like its sister question below, it aims to see the clear cut direction of one’s career. Being able to track down one’s career growth allows hiring managers and business owners to see an individual’s interest and commitment for a specific line of work.

Pursuing certifications and earning post-graduate degrees on the same field is a good sign that the applicant you are interviewing is taking on proactive steps to keep his or her career moving forward. Seeing a considerable amount of change within 5 years also give you a hindsight on one’s personal and professional growth. Stagnation is one of the most lethal career killers. Make sure to probe further at the first sign of inactivity. Though having a stationary career is not always due to one’s lack of desire to improve, take the time to ask about other areas of the applicant’s life that could keep the one from focusing on his or her career. Familial responsibilities like parenting or supporting other members are very common. 

Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Having a roadmap on hand is the best way to travel. This holds true for working professionals as well. Treating one’s career as a journey is a truly dynamic approach. Having concrete plans or a framework at the least demonstrates an applicant’s potential. Make sure that you know where a prospective employee’s career came from and where he or she intends to take it. Knowing this would also give you an idea of whether you would be able to bring him or her to the desired destination. Note that having the ability to deliver employee expectations of the company reduces turnover percentage.

What other things keep you busy?

Having a workaholic on board can benefit your company big time. But are the advantages sustainable? Individuals who devote an excessive amount of time solely for work can get burned faster than others who allow some breathing space. Encourage your employees to pursue work-life balance as early as the interview process. Continuous learning generally stimulates creativity and passion. Lively employees can benefit your business big time, for a longer time.

What is your biggest failure?

Answers to this question can reveal so much about a prospective employee’s attitude and outlook on things. Though being optimistic is good, watch out for answers that may be too good to be true. Job interviews are really the best times to put your best foot forward – others would even go as far as putting their best legs out. Being mindful of possible tricks can never hurt you.

How much optimism does the job require? Knowing this prior the interview process can help you set a level for the ideal mix of optimism and pessimism. 

Allow your business to cruise towards success by getting the right people on board through these questions.

Used these questions in a recent interview? Share with us your experiences by leaving a comment below. 

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