Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Groove to Your Move: How to be the Leader Everyone Follows

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Everybody loves a leader. At least that’s what human resource books nowadays say.

Of course, everyone can’t get enough of winners as well. But leaders are just different. These gifted individuals are highly charismatic and are true visionaries. They always see the bigger picture and give high regard to their members in order to bring about the vision they’ve been dreaming of. Leaders are also risk-seekers and risk-takers.
Amidst difficulties and unfavorable circumstances, their passions ignite with their hunger to change the status quo.

Organizations are the breeding ground of leaders. Be it professional, public, academic or business groups, joining like-minded individuals to achieve a common goal is the best way to sharpen skills on human relations and leadership which are very important in the highly competitive work environment that’s emerging today.

Human resource specialists love leaders too. In fact, they take time to identify which applicants or employees have potentials in order to develop and mold them into the future leaders of the company.

Here are practical tips on how to be a truly effective leader. These simple steps will surely make the apple of your boss’ eyes. If you are the boss then this will work for you as well. Utilize these steps to be the apple of your stakeholders’ eyes which are your employees, business partners, suppliers and customers.

  1. Make the commitment to be in charge
If you want to lead others, being able to lead yourself is a must. Follow through with your commitment to change or to be the best in what you are currently doing. More often than not, all you need is an open mind and enough courage to cross the bridge from where you currently are and where you want to be. Take charge of your life direction to prove that you can take charge of others as well.
  1. Audit your capabilities – strengths, weaknesses and your skills
Waging a war without any weapon is a sure recipe for disaster. Make sure that you know what you are working with. This will help you maximize your secret weapons against any opponent that you may face while on the quest to achieve something better. Being aware of your weak points is one of the best ways to improve yourself.
  1. Have a vision and create goals
After getting well acquainted with yourself, it is time to paint the bigger and clearer picture.  Envision that winning moment you desire. Make it as vivid as possible so that you’ll be able to create concrete steps that will lead you to that precious moment.
  1. Get up and get movin’
Turn your plans into reality by acting upon them. Follow the steps that you’ve identified to get from point A to point B. It may sound easy but doing so could be difficult. Maintaining a strong support system by surrounding yourself with like-minded and driven individuals can keep you from moving away from your vision. Make sure that your chosen companions will nudge you towards the right direction instead of pulling you towards the other end.

And lastly,

  1. Continue to move forward
What ever happens, just keep on pursuing your goals, vision and dreams. Always remember that giving up means trashing everything that you’ve been working so hard for. Think through your decision several times before calling it a wrap. Leaders never quit. If you want to be one, act like one.   

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